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Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage

colorless tsukuru tazaki

So far in the latest Haruki Murakami novel:

  • A Japanese everyman.
  • A mysterious phone call.
  • Stories within stories.
  • Useless supernatural powers.
  • Simple cooking, classical music.
  • Attractive women with unknown motives.
  • Personal growth through isolation.

Still waiting on that Cutty Sark whiskey. Anyway, despite containing so many of the usual Murakami trademarks, this story interests me because it deals with friendship as a central plot point instead of the romance that’s the focus of so many of his novels. I’m liking it very much so far.

Ice Cream Burritos (Hua Shen Bing 花生饼)

taipei ice cream burrito

It’s ice cream covered in peanut brittle shavings and sprinkled in cilantro, all rolled up in a chewy dough wrapper. MAGICAL! In Taipei, you can find these in many street markets — just look for the giant cube of peanut brittle. If you’re anywhere else, it would probably be pretty easy to make something similar to this at home.

Maybe it would be more accurate to call these “ice cream spring rolls” or “ice cream crepes”. But since they don’t taste quite the same as any other wrapping anyway (they’re actually made with popiah wrappers) I still think of them as ice cream burritos.

Photo by Neil Banas

Arita Seaweed Rice Crackers (有田海苔小卷)

arita seaweed rice cracker

Little crispy rice cracker sticks wrapped in seaweed — my go-to snack at convenience stores in Taipei. These things are addictive, with a coating that I’m guessing includes soy sauce, mirin, sugar, and something that gives them a mild spicy flavor.

I learned that they’re actually a Japanese snack called norimaki arare ( 海苔巻あられ), a variant of the bigger, rounder senbei rice crackers.

If you’re wondering “Would they win in a fight against a potato?” this video should answer all your questions.

The New Glowfruit!


Old Glowfruit is gone! If you’re interested in web design and social media news, I’ll still be blogging about that on the Bigfork Web site.

New Glowfruit is less about my work and more about sharing good things that I discover. What kind of things? One thing a day! How mysterious. Check back soon.